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Calendar 2012 – New 2013 Calendar Planned

I’m back posting for a while! Still have a big op to come up in the early spring but will try and move things on a little by then.

The 2012 calendar has been out since January 1st and has been met with enthusiasm from all quarters. The quality of the images we had to choose from was very high and I’d like to thank all those involved and for sending their images on to me. It was a lovely project to have worked on and as a result of its success we’ve been asked to do another one for 2013!

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Brecon Beacons Course

Satellite Image of UK weather 1300 hours - Dundee Satellite Receiving Station
Satellite Image of UK weather 1300 hours 6.6.09 - Dundee Satellite Receiving Station

Review of UK weather on 06/06/09

‘Through the morning and afternoon the wettest weather became focused across Wales and southwest England, where torrential rain and thunderstorms occurred across South Wales, east Cornwall and Devon. Across South Wales, the very heavy rain and thunderstorms occurred during the afternoon, particularly across the valleys.’

Source: BBC weather – review of UK

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