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To see beyond the surfaces of things is to understand that the world around us is made up of much more than the perceived whole. The spoken word often denies us the opportunity and willingness to look beyond names and to see and experience ‘things’ as they exist outside limiting parameters, in short language ‘labels things.’

This sort of looking is often termed abstraction, denying location and recognisability and working to a set formula. It can be much more however.

Much of my photography is merely an extension of the way I explore and enjoy looking at what could be called ‘natural form.’ In that sense I generally, but not exclusively, spend the majority of my time in areas we would generally called ‘landscape’, another label with so many contradictions and uncertainties.

‘Anything’, a word I actually enjoy in this context as it easily moves outside labels, that explores the essential elements and their relationships to each other, is the basis of the work in this section. Seeing freely within the limitless confines of scale allows for new realities to be found. This way of looking is endless and always with me, thus opening up the environments I find myself in and to see ‘beyond the surface of things’

Nature’s National Flag – Jim Crumley


I’m currently reading ‘The Nature of Autumn’ by one of our greatest nature writers Jim Crumley, seems apt just now, and came across a small piece about nature’s national flag and Mark Rothko. In my previous post ‘Clarity, Colour and Emptiness’ the last image could easily have accompanied Crumley’s thoughts on, ‘the triple expanses of sand and open sea and open sky’

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