Clarity Colour and Empitness – Beaches of North West Scotland 1

We walked onto the small stone jetty at Droman, a couple of miles north of Kinlochbervie, and were struck at once by the phenomenal clarity of the water and the breathtaking colours that were refracted through its glass like qualities.

The next bay south, Bagh a’ Phòllain, drew us in with its tropical like colours of sand sea and sky. Nia, our youngest daughter, has been travelling all over Australia and Indonesia and often sends us images of white  sands, turquoise water and blue blue skies. They are undoubtedly stunning but apart from much warmer water (we paddled!) they are no more alluring or impressive than the gems in North West Scotland. The real beauty of these gems though lies in them being empty of people!

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  1. These phenomenal colours are reminding me of water over shell sand on the West coast of Harris. When it wasn’t belting rain!
    Crackin pics again Tim.

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