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This project has the aim of exploring the complexities and contradictions of space, time, and narrative within painting, photography, film and music and the potential creative fusion of combining these elements.

The underlying theme running through the work would be ‘beauty in the ordinary’ as a vehicle to begin to engage the viewer in understanding what we have now, and what we are likely to lose, if we do not embrace the single most important issue of many generations, climate change. Small moments, often ignored or not seen in the fast moving world of today, will be brought to prominence, elevated to prime status and re-presented through a fusing of media. It is a celebration of small moments.

Collaboration – Note 3


A more recent piece has seen us working with the idea of form emerging from space with the aesthetic of splitting the frame in two. ‘Out of focus’ becomes a relative concept in this work as in reality we are imaging the microscopic that is not visible to our sensitivities, thus acknowledging the curious and again relative notion of emptiness.

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Collaboration – Note 2


The work in this post is perhaps less ‘abstract ‘(a concept that we will explore further in later posts and one that sits a little uncomfortably with me) than those in previous posts. The idea of working with Sue’s paintings as ‘backdrops’ (they are much more than this of course) whilst photographing the very plants and flowers that she had depicted in these paintings came about through a wish to begin to further explore the curious notion of space and the illusion that we all deal with in creating depth from a two dimensional surface.

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Emptiness and a Beginning – Work With Sue Hunt

I’ve been working on an new collaboration with painter and print-maker Sue Hunt for the last couple of years and we are now in a position to show some of this work and are also beginning to channel it to working within the health care sector in Wales, specifically, at the present, with Rookwood, a spinal and neurological rehabilitation centre.

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