Late Summer Walk – Manmoel

The last of the series of popular walks with a camera has come and gone. Hopefully we can push it forward sometime next year and maybe have a small exhibition of the work produced by those who come along.

We were fortunate with the weather again, all down to James and his infectious optimism! We’ve yet to have a poor day in six events so we’re getting something right. These walks have been a great way to introduce the rich variety of habitat that Caerphilly has to offer and to look at it a little closer than perhaps we normally do. As with most of the walks we don’t get great distances under our belt as photographic opportunities present themselves at very regular intervals.

The last theme we took on was abstraction but on this occasion we looked at how to construct a narrative: to get over a sense of the journey that we took during the day. In addition to building a narrative other themes can develop and run along side the journey. The one that caught every ones attention on this particular walk, which we started in Manmoel, was the quite beautiful range of fungi that we encountered. It held us all captivated and wishing our collective knowledge could have told us which were edible and which were definitely not! Our consumption of then remained photographic! Another highlight was the two Red Kites that entertained us for a while, good to see the spread south is continuing.

Thanks to James Bower and Caerphilly Countryside Services for this innovative initiative. It’s been great to work with them and promote a wonderful resource that is still underused.

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  1. stunning mushrooms, where’s my butter and lemon juice!! the safe ones at least. great set tim

  2. Quite stunning images – well worthy of a photo-field guide showing fungi in location. You should do more of this!

  3. Not mushroom for improvement with these pics Tim…well done old boy!


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