Walk from Parc Cwm Darran for the 2014 Calendar


The scheduled August walk had to be cancelled due, would you believe, to bad weather! So a rather quickly arranged date was agreed – we needed and still need to  compile enough images that place the walks into a context and time is running out.


So we managed to get out last Sunday but with a much reduced cohort. Twelve had booked for the scheduled walk but only four could manage the re-arranged date; four who have become stalwarts for the project and make for a most enjoyable experience, thanks to all!




Our longest walk!

So this walk was probably one of the longest we have managed so far, around five miles. We always seem to get so engrossed in something or other and never complete the planned route. We started at Parc Cwm Darran and headed past the lakes, giving a spectacular display of water lilies  and a hidden gem of a waterfall.Then out towards Bargoed  through some fine old and well established oak woodlands and on to Cefn y Brithdir. Here we  joined the Rhymney Valley Ridgeway Footpath past Capel y Brithdir with its graves hidden in the summer growth.



We returned along the old dismantled railway and headed into Deri, stopping at group of Buddleia bushes that were teaming with Red Admirals, Peacocks and the odd Comma.




The weather was good, the only heavy shower coming when we were deep under a fantastic canopy down from Tyr-capel, one of my favourite spots in all the walks I’ve undertaken for Cearphilly Countryside Services whilst producing publicity images for their brochures and website.


And so back to Parc Cwm Darran, which was pretty full (it’s used by over a quarter of a million people every year!)  and a welcome cold drink.



Our next ‘scheduled’ walk is on Sunday 29th September starting at Manmoel village hall at 10.00am. It would be great to see some new faces but failing that I know the old faithful will be there! If you’re interested in joining us and having your images featured in the next calendar then contact James at  - bowerj@caerphilly.gov.uk –




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  1. You can’t call Keith the ” old Faithfull ” Ha !
    it was a good day though, really enjoyed it.

  2. Well… You know what I mean!! lol

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