Final Calendar Walk

The last walk in the current round has come and gone. A little wet this one, but we managed to shelter well in the  fungi forest at the top of Manmoel.

We were a bit early for the rich vibrant colours that autumn has to offer up in these parts but there was enough turning to make it worth while. Those who have been involved in the project don’t forget to get the images from this walk to me ASAP, we’ll be putting the calendar together in the next month or so. If you’ve managed to get out and take anymore photos since our walk then send them on, the more the merrier.

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  1. missed last walk did not know the date sad really edwin will try to find some shots if i can regards edwin

  2. Tim, is the calendar complete? where can we see it ?

  3. Hi Clive

    Sorry for the massive delay in getting back – Hope you’ve seen the calendar by now but James has a stack that he’s been distributing. Just beginning to post again but still need a further op. Say hello to Paula.

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