Autumn Walk from Hollybush


The third in  a series of four ‘photographic walks’ has come and gone. We had planned this one to coincide with autumn colours hoped for a decent day.


We were fortunate on both accounts; the colours were stunning and the day was kind with a strong light in the morning and a softer diffuse light in the afternoon. We discussed how to best work with the conditions and what to look for on a walk that took us through some of the finest mature woodland in the Caerphilly area. As with all the other walks we don’t actually get that far! There’s simply so much to photograph and we could have spent the whole day within a few hundred yards of our meeting point. There’s nothing like being on location to teach about photography and show, with examples, the type of images that are possible and how to source them. It was a really good day and hopefully those who came with us have learnt something about how to ‘see’ photographically within this type of landscape work.









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  1. great set of shots!
    wish i’d had the time to come


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