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Nant yr Arian and Elan


A week ago I was traveling back from Aberystwyth and called in at Nant yr Arian in the early morning and Elan Valley in the afternoon. The weather was fine and the light at this time of the year is at its best.

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The Lark Ascending


There is a piece of music that over the years has meant more to me than most. I first came across it in my early twenties and it led to a love of English music from around the early years of the twentieth century.

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On Location in Cumbria: 3 – Ducks, Swans, Coots and a Little Help, Please?


It’s the time of establishing territories displaying and getting on with mating and prolonged stays in hides at this season are likely to produce some  good behaviour shots. I’m interested if anyone can shed any light on the male Mallards here and if male on male is common within bird behaviour. It the first time I’ve seen it and I’ve got quite a few images of male on female, as you would normally expect.

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First Session in the new Bridge Hide


It’s not the most comfortable hide I’ve ever been in but already it’s throwing up some interesting encounters. Finally this weekend the bridge hide on the river at Home Farm was finished and today I spent four pretty uncomfortable hours over looking the stretch of river that I hoped would fill in some of the gaps of the birds I have ,to date, managed to photograph at the farm.

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