I thought it had been struck by a car and was seriously wounded. We came across it on a Sunday afternoon walk before Christmas.

It may indeed have had a brush but was only stunned and, after allowing me to get in close with the macro end of the Canon G10, comfortably flew off. Through binoculars this is a stunning Thrush, this close it has all the cool poise of a serious bird. Beautifully marked, particularly the cream eye stripe and red flanks, it is a bird that heralds the coming of winter and for the first time I can recall, visited our garden this year only to be met by a very territorial male Blackbird. It’s only when you get this close do you fully appreciate the feather structure and begin to marvel at the sheer complexity of it all!

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  1. Hi TIm how are things, good to see that your website is back up and running. It just shows that it pays on times to have a camera with you at all times. I invested in a canon G10 myself before christmas, fantastic camera.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Looking forward to getting out and about more this year and we are doing a lot more on the farm. Pop up to the Uni sometime , it would be good to see you.

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