Red Kites at Gigrin

The last of the Kite series.

One more set to follow from Gigrin; Buzzards. I certainly find that the best time to photograph the Kites is a couple of hours after the first feeding. They come in in fewer numbers, allowing you to concentrate and follow a particular bird, which is difficult in the initial frenzy of activity. They also seem to come in slightly slower as if the Competition is not so great.

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  1. Hi Tim

    Some great recent images on the blog.

    Lovely clean set of kite images – you must be very pleased getting all three kinds in one day!

    I haven’t been up to Gigrin yet, but I’ve heard that the Tower is best for tripods mainly. I don’t have a heavy enough tripod head at mo, so was wondering what hide you might recommend based on 40D+300Lis2.8 (+1.4X if needed) handheld (or beanbag) for BIF/sky shots. What shutter speed is the min I could get away with would you say? Your images appear very clean and natural looking on the web – what iso on the D300 were you on, and was that with the 600 if so what max aperture would you get away with to keep all bird in focus, whilst maximising shutter speed?

    PM me with the detail if you prefer.

    Best regards

    BTW Learned a lot at your Advanced course at Llanelli last November, really inspirational thanks! Met up with Jon Hole (CCBC) recently, he showed me your “Around Every Corner” book – excellent photography – esp. the (opening) Brambling shot – wonderful opportunity and rare experience!
    Good luck with the current Project.

  2. Hi Julian,

    Thanks for the comments – I’ll do a post this weekend specifically looking at the technical considerations for the Gigrin shoot that should answer your questions.

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