What Bird Did That?


On our recent trip to Flat Holm I was talking to the group about the essence of a place and the nature of abstraction within photography. A couple of images I show related to this are of bird shit!

I’ve maintained that they produce some interesting shapes and colours all of their own and could constitute a serious body of work! Alan, who was on the trip, happened to mention a little book he had come across which would be just up my street – all about bird shit – or splays to give them their correct terminology. At Llanelli on the weekend he sought me out and gave me a gift of the aforementioned book. Brilliant! I love the captions under each graphic image. Here’s a couple:

Woodpigeon: This specimen: Near Limpley Stoke, Wilts. Blustery SW gusts. November 21st 1990. 2.45pm. 25mph.

Rook: This specimen: By Fieldsat Pett Levels, near Winchelsea Beach, E Sussex. July 1986. Fine. NE breeze. 5.30pm. 60mph.

An interview with the author is to be found here!

Thanks Alan, much appreciated and lots of laughs!





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  1. What a load of S***….. he he. the top image reminds of those aerial shots of deserts .Nice post


  2. Hi Tim
    Never thought I would say this about your photographs! But these are CRAP.
    Sorry could not resist it!



  3. Excellent Trevor

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