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I’ve been out and about to various parts of the country in the last week or so, and as always camera with me, without it you feel somehow undressed.


It’s something I am constantly harping on about to students. It amazes me when they’re asked if they have a camera with them and a good proportion don’t even consider it to be odd that they haven’t. Very strange!

A photographer doesn’t just work when out on specific photographic projects. A photographer is someone who is constantly tuned into their surroundings and passionate about simply looking and that means at all times night and day. It’s also how you get better and better at looking, everything takes a good deal of practice to get it right. No different with photography and unless you are prepared to embrace it in this way your photography and ability to see will never move on.









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  1. image no 3 – it can be titled ‘Warning – mother in law’ ;)

  2. Never thought of it like that Meg – but nice one!!

  3. Nice shots Tim. I especially like the leaf at the end…

    I am a fresher in your new photo pract 2 class. I totally agree with what you say about always having to have a camera with you. It’s something I’ve always thought about. But there’s an issue – it’s modern living, at least for me anyway.

    You see my day is now so packed with things do do, people to see, lectures to attend, laundry to do, reading, studying, shopping, cooking, etc…! that I find even if I do take my camera everywhere I go with me, I’m too preoccupied with doing something off my ever-expanding list that I never take any shots. And then my DSLR becomes another irritating and chaffing bag over my shoulder to add to the other bag and shopping that I’m already carrying with me.

    Down sizing would help – The iphone takes pretty good pictures so maybe when I can afford one it might be an option.

    Anyway, I visited a recycling facility in Cardiff for the 350 project and made a video out of it. I’d be interested to know your opinion as I want to take this course into social documentary photography and I know you’ve been there. You can view it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef4kLjllxtg&feature=channel_page , or see the pics individually in my blog here http://blog.tomashmore.net/year-1.html

    If you get a chance, let me know your observations – I’m good with crit ;-)



  4. Some fine images Tom within this piece of work and I really enjoyed your site. See you next week!

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