Martin Mere

After the mosses we took a trip up to Martin Mere, the Wildfowl Trust’s reserve close to Southport.

It’s a few years since I’ve been and although there were a few changes, much remained the same. A few of the hides have different names and the Beavers have appeared, all be it in a rather small enclosure. It’s worth a trip here in winter to hear one of the sounds that conjures up a winters day bird watching; the whistling of the Wigeon. Good numbers spend the winter at Martin Mere and with the odd raptor passing through they’re lifting pretty regularly giving good opportunities to work with them in flight.

The Pink footed Geese are always around at this time of year and a strong winter sky with a lowering sun gave a near perfect backdrop for the skeins as they left the reserve. Before entering the hide for the afternoon we passed a pair of Tree Sparrows beginning to collect nesting material; a sure sign that winter is on the way out.

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  1. Lovely images here Tim.

    Just love the muted camo colours of the in-flight Wigeon and background in image mm3.

    Nice to see a sharp close-up of increasingly less common Tree Sparrow.

    Love the light and tail reflection effect in the landing Wigeon flock.

    The skein of geese captured in the sliver of setting sun is just masterful timing. Love the effect – well done!

    You should be pleased with this small collection.

    Kind regards

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