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Starling Roost at Ham Wall

A short video of the Starlings coming into roost at Ham Wall on the Somerset levels. Over the next few days I’ll post some of the still images from the two evenings I spent watching this extraordinary wildlife spectacular. It’s in Britain and ranks along side many of the worlds great natural phenomena.

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Laggan had broken his wing, possibly by flying into a telegraph wire, and is now being looked after at Wings Over Mull, a bird of prey conservation centre that we visit on the Orangepebble Photography tours. To get this close to such a magnificent bird is something unlikely to happen in the wild. These are birds of vast spaces, occupying the high mountains and crags of Scotland. We have seen them often in the wild, had wonderful encounters in Sutherland, Argyle and Mull and occasionally photographed them. The Golden Eagle remains, for me, the ultimate bird.

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