Great-crested Grebes: Day 1

I’ve spent a couple of afternoons recently watching the Great-crested Grebes at Roath Park in Cardiff.

Trying to work out how many pairs there are and if there’s a odd bird has been difficult. At the moment I’m going for three pairs with one extra bird. They are all quite territorial within certain areas of the lake and if there’s an encroachment then sparks fly. I’ll be back after a week away in Liverpool to see how things are developing.

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  1. Lovely behavioural shots Tim!
    Do they keep their distance at RP Lake or do you find them quite approachable with care. Certainly the final image is a beautiful close-up of their pre-mating ritual. Nice one!


  2. Very approachable, they are very much accustomed to people and at times are only ten yards or so away. I’ll be back soon to see how things are developing.

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