Brecon Beacons – The Quiet Way Up

We had a glorious day to do this walk up the Beacons and didn’t meet a soul all the way up and down!

On the tops there were lots of folk, most having come up from the Storey Arms car park. We had walked from the small farm we had parked the van at for a couple of nights and so were doing the walk from the valley floor. It’s a lot further than from the Storey Arms and you have  about 900 feet more to climb but it’s worth it for the solitude. We went up via the Cwm Llwch ridge to Pen-y-Fan. There was a biting wind and a huge temperature drop as we reached the top. There was snow holding in the hollows and the ground was still frozen. The light was superb, just about the best for landscape work – visibility fantastic and shifting clouds shadowing on the mountains.

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  1. Stunning Pics! Was that recent? Catch up soon (now that I am free(er))!!!


  2. Looks like you had a great day and the bold weather conditions seem to accentuate this beautiful yet relatively hostile terrain in your images. All are impressive but if I had to choose I like the first, 6th & 8th best.

    BTW when you used the word “van” do you mean caravan or aka Transit? If the former which site did you choose? We’ve stayed at Brynich & Pencelli Castle but these are less well placed for an early start to Penyfan etc when the rest of the family are with me, and slightly less enthusiastic about such an adventure at first light…….!

    Kind regards

  3. It’s a VW conversion Julian. The site we stayed at is called Rhydywernen, which is just off the A470 about two miles south of Brecon. It’s a CL site with electric and loos. We walked from here but you could save three miles (six both ways) and park at the car park just below the Cwm Llwch ridge.

  4. Just the other week Peter – I’ll give you a call soon.

  5. Thanks for the info Tim

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