Day Four – The Morning – Achahaird Bay – Assynt

I’ll quote from my diary for today ‘The hardest day yet with heavy pulsing showers, but with that comes drama and interesting light’ We headed out on the ‘Mad wee road’ again and out to Achahaird Bay on the Rubha Mor peninsula.

To harness a sense of the weather on the way out I upped the ISO to 5,000 before dropping it back to more normal ‘speeds’ for the rest of the day.

Heading out on ‘The mad wee road’ towards Reiff via Achahaird Bay

Compared to Sunday this looked a different landscape, but had a very dramatic feel to it. The light changed all the way down to the bay and at times took on a really eerie feel.

Looking back on the Assynt range with Stack Polly dominating
Achahaird Bay
A strange light on Allt Loch Raa

A short walk to the bay from the carpark was wild, with the rain stinging and really strong winds. The light continually changed as the weather pulsed through and the strong off shore winds were fighting against the incoming tide, cresting the waves.

A lone local braving the weather

The only birds on the shore line were Common and Herring Gulls, of various cycles.

Common Gulls

Herring Gulls
Achahaird Bay
Achahaird Bay with Stack Polly in the background






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