Quick Tip 9: Identifying Images


When your out and about a lot with the camera, particularly on a trip of a couple of weeks, and continually taking images day after day it’s easy to forget where they were taken.

At the time you think you’ll never forget, but a couple of years down the line it’s amazing how the days merge and locations become blurred. It’s particularly important if your shooting landscape after landscape.

You can embed this information into digital files either as text or a short recording, but I think the most effective and easiest way to ensure you know where he images were taken is to simply photograph the OS map, or road map , you have with you at the time. Place a pen at the spot you are working and record it as an image.  It then appears within the context of all the images taken around that location. Simple but effective and I wish I’d done it at the beginning of my time with a camera as it would help identify areas that are now virtually impossible to remember deep in contact sheets and digital files. You can also see from the image here areas I have drawn onto the map prior to the trip, identifying places I want to photograph.

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  1. good idea! Will remember it :) Thanks!

  2. Hi Tim
    You did it again! One more fantastic day of photography at Flatholm Island, and this time you even booked fine weather for us, great trip all round, food, staff, Island, all great.

    Thanks again.

    Trevor Owen

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