Calendar Project Moves On

The second ‘Nature’s Calendar Walk’ was a success, despite a poor forecast. We had expected heavy rain for a good portion of the day yet nothing materialized. Sixteen folk, some new, met at Markham for a round trip via our lunch stop at the ‘Rocking Stone’ The collection and collation of images has begun and the ethos of creating something fresh and exciting continued today with those involved looking at the landscape in a different light. It seems the project now has legs! and is moving along nicely.

Don’t forget to send me any images from this walk or bring them along on the next event which is on the 3rd July – For those new to the project check out the original presentation, available on the featured article, to get an idea of what it’s all about and the type of approach we are taking. Thanks to all involved on Sunday for making it a great day with lots of work done and as usual lots of laughs!!



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