Forest Farm – 2 – Best of the Rest



In between the long spells when the Bitterns remained well hidden, there were other things going on.

The Water Rails were showing, again not often and when they did they were pretty rapid across the front of the hide. The Green Woodpecker came down a couple of times, it is one of those birds I would label as ‘smart’, a bit like the Nuthatch, Bearded Tit and the Shrikes. It is perhaps something to do with the sharp delineated facial markings and in the case of the Green Woodpecker the striking green and red that jar against each other and add to the mean looking streak. You feel you would never out smart this bird and as for being alert there’s not another that has such a demeanour.

The Magpies, much maligned and ignored, were a constant companion gathering mud to bind their nests and generally squabbling with each other and towards the end of the day the corvids came into their roost, dashing low over the hide with their energetic ‘kyack’ calls ebbing and flowing as they wheeled round. It’s a classic winter sound and will soon give way as the birds once again disperse for the spring and summer months.






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  1. Great shots Tim,Just a pity that only a few are allowed in to this hide.

  2. It’s never normally as busy there Trevor, in fact I’ve been when there’s been no one in the hides for quite a while. The Bittern’s been a bit of an attraction but even then its never impossible to work there. There’s also slats outside of the hides that are always available. There’s always a good turn around of folk as well, with most not staying for more than half an hour and as with most places get there early or stay late and you’ll have it to yourself.

    Thanks for the comments as always Trevor, much appreciated.

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