Day Two – Part One – Ardessie Falls

Our second day saw us heading towards Ardessie waterfalls on the south side of Little Loch Broom and taking in a couple of stops on the way. The autumn colours were spectacular and with the dull weather and rain, seemed to glow ever more brightly. We simply couldn’t drive past some of the trees along Strath Beag without giving them some time. Just by the turning towards Badrallach a particular rich area gave us a wonderful hours work and it was here that the rain started.

River Dundonnell

With the rain beginning to get heavier we moved on to Ardessie falls and once again the colours of the mosses, grasses and trees did not disappoint.

Ardessie falls with Sail Mhor as a backdrop

Brendan working the falls in heavy rain

Little Loch Broom looking west

On our way off the falls the weather began to clear but a strengthening wind was gathering that would stay with us for much of the week. From here we headed to a favourite bay of mine, Camas Charraig at Mellon Udridgle, via Gruinard Bay. The rest of the day was spent here and I’ll look at the images from our time there in part two.

Little Loch Broom and Carnan Ban






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  1. So interesting seeing your images to our shared day. Can’t believe how wet it all was working the waterfalls, slippy and treacherous. We did well not to end up washed into the loch below. The clarity and play with focus in these are quite breathtaking. So good to re-share that ethos of work we established way back in our lecturing days. – Now completely for us!

  2. Great day though! – It’s such a luxury and privilege to be able to work, as we always said we always said we would, in the same manner that we encouraged students to work. Feels like our time now!

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