Quick Tip 1: More from your Monopod


A simple technique to photograph new and exciting angles. By using a monopod and the self-timer setting on your camera you can extend your imaging into places otherwise impossible to work from.

Attach the camera, compact or otherwise (I have a Pentax Optio waterproof digital camera – 5 mega pixels, but  it does a fine job) to the monopod and then set the selt-timer to 10 seconds, longer if you want more time to consider the shot. Draw the monopod out to its full extension, press the shutter and take the 10 seconds to get the camera into position. It could be over a cliff, across a river, above obstructions or low on the ground. After 10 seconds the camera will expose the image and you can review it (the beauty of digital) and give it another go until you get it right. The results are often extraordinary and always suprising!

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