Hospital Again

I’m back in hospital this week and will be out of action again for a few months. The site will continue to tick along though as I’ve prepared posts that will automatically come on line every five days, so do keep looking. If I don’t reply for a while then apologies, I’ll catch up with that when I’m up and about.

One of the first priorities when I return in the summer is to kick start the Bala project. Hopefully I’ll finish all the scanning during my recuperation and be ready to look for ways to finance the project. The plan is to take all the work back to the area and to archive it properly. I intend it to be a community project with screenings of the work and prints that the locals can annotate with as much information as possible. I’d also hope to be in a position to update the archive by recording the estate today. I photographed it in 1980 and in 1995 so it would be good to keep it going.

My daughter Nia, whose studying Photography Press and Editorial at Falmouth, is also hoping to help me with the project and carry out some of the new photography. It’s something to look forward to anyway! Nia’s also started her own blog where she’s combining writing about photography with some of her images. You can check it out here.

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  1. Best wishes for your next op. I hope everything goes well and you are soon back in action again. Good luck also with the Bala project, it sounds very interesting.

  2. Thanks Joyce – looking forward to getting back fully fit again.

  3. Don’t forget to label everything in marker pen on yourself !!
    and perhaps an arrow the the right area may be an idea !
    have fun !

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