Studies for the 5×4 work – Waders and Wildfowl


A few more images in a way that I’ve been working lately. I’m putting them into a warm toned  black and white and again looking a the wider aspect of the birds in relationship to their habitat.

The premise remains that first of all the image has to work without the birds. It’s then a case of waiting for the birds to pass into the area that has already been framed up and it can take a lot of waiting for things to come together. I’m looking at these images as studies for the larger work on 5×4 later in the year when the waders, geese and swans return.







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  1. I really like these.

    I think it’d be interesting though to actually see the images without the birds in as well… Perhaps even present both images alongside each other? One with the birds in, one without.

  2. Yeh that’s a good idea. Think I’ve framed up in camera then waited so probably no images without the birds at this stage, but will do so during the next series of work to make that comparison and see what happens. Could also work as a pair of images as well, giving over a sense of time and narrative – Interesting.

  3. Love these images Tim!

  4. Pardon my Hignorance ! what do you mean by a 5 x 4 image ? Proportion or the plate size of the camera .

  5. The 5×4 is the size of the negative Tim, the camera is obviously quite a beast but the quality on enlargement is just stunning.

  6. I see, i did a bit of research on the net , they are a bit big , do you need a Top hat and a magnesium flash to use it ? Ha !

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