Kinlochewe… and a bit of a disaster!


It never rains but it pours!

My compliment of camera equipment was severely reduced on this day after a bit of a freak accident that I put partly down to the rain. We had at last decided to go for a low level walk despite a forecast of heavy and prolonged showers. I had the D3s with the 300mm and the 1.4 converter on a monopod and well protected from the elements. At the far end of the walk it began to rain heavily and I headed for the nearest tree. Standing the monopod up against the trunk (not a good idea I know) I sat down for a break. Gwenda hadn’t seen me lay it up here and sat down at the base of the tree, brushed the monopod and down it all came.

The 300mm and 1.4 had buckled on each other and were inseparable, luckily  I could get them off the D3s, which didn’t appear damaged. It was a freak accident and no ones fault and after a mildly distraught ten minutes we brushed ourselves down and got on with it. Gwenda remained upset for a few hours but it was just one of those things, a bit like the weather!

On our return I sent them to Fixation, in my book the best Nikon camera repair company around, and within a couple of weeks they were back with me and working perfectly. I’ve learnt never to prop the monopod up against anything ever again regardless of how wet the ground may be!

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  1. What a beautiful set os pics, I loved them all, congrats!!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, a few more similar posts to follow with some more drama – hope you enjoy them.

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