Chester Zoo – Infant School Trip – 1977

From my early days as an aspiring photographer I would take any opportunity to learn the craft. At that time I was hoping to get a small folio of images together that would help in getting on to one of the very few photography courses in the country at that time.

Mum was an infant school teacher in Liverpool and had a trip to Chester Zoo planned, so there was an opportunity that was too good to pass by. No worries about not being allowed to take photographs of kids then, no permission needed from parents; we hadn’t reached the point where photographers were viewed with suspicion and the paranoia that ulterior motives might be driving them. Such a shame to have turned so far in the opposite direction where now, as a photographer, you can be made to feel very awkward around children. FP4 developed in Acutol.



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  1. Some lovely moments there, Tim. Did they make it into your portfolio?

  2. Thank you Tim.. these are so reminiscent of school trips before the present rules!
    Not sure that you can label children now either but a very good idea.

  3. Good to hear from you. Yes different times for sure, but good memories too! Hope you are keeping well.

  4. Some did Joyce, the girl with her reflection and the row of heads too! Best wishes to you and hoping Ian is recovering well.

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