Waterfalls 1


We are pretty fortunate here in South Wales in having some of the finest network of waterfalls in the British Isles and I never tire of visiting them.


The area around Ystrafellte is a gold mine for them and it’s possible to visit some of the finest by taking a short walk across well defined paths or embarking on a full trek that takes in all the major falls in a circular route. The full trek, which is just over 11 miles is one to take with the minimum of equipment. It’s not strenuous in regards to ascents or descents but it’s a fair distance and the going can be slow as the ground is rough and most often very slippery. A full kit can, however, be taken to the falls that are only a short walk from the network of small roads around the area. The lure of water and its possibility for creative photography is hard to resist and I will be looking at some of the ways to interpret the falls on the forthcoming course on 9th May. There are, as of writing, still two places available on this course. If you’re interested contact me here.









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