Waterfall Course


A really committed group worked the falls today and produced some fine results. We visited two locations around Ystradfellte and thoroughly explored many possible ways to photograph water.


After a briefing session around the mini bus, we all moved to the first location, which had a full range of subject matter to play with from the very impressive main fall to smaller tumbling water and quieter back waters. Some of the best work was produced away from the main falls in stiller waters – too often photographers are seduced by the main waterfalls along river stretches ignoring the huge possibilities in other less obvious areas.

Today we were to look at these often forgotten areas and use a wide variety of techniques to create some fine photographs.

A great atmosphere was generated by the group which ranged in age from 19 to well, a little older!  A lot of laughs and jokes were had, all helping to create a really good learning environment.

We were fortunate with the weather as well, which threatened early on with a couple of showers, but turned out to be dry and overcast which created just about the best light for the type of work we were doing.









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