Swallows at Brianne

At the far end of the reservoir and towards the evening there were good numbers of swallows ‘hawking’ low over the water. They were also using a fence nearby  in between forays.

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  1. Its a real pleasure to see your photographs Tim and its inspiring too…I often head to Liverpool to see my folks and the coast around Formby and Hightown is always a good spot for me. I enjoy your writing and am learning all the time from you about the wildlife we love and marvel at. Can you advise me on good lenses or kit to photograph birds for my Canon EOS 5D Mk111…Thanks Phil

  2. Hi Philip thanks for your comments and glad you are enjoying the posts. With regard to a lens, i use Nikon equipment but as a general all purpose lens for wildlife you could do a lot worse than the Sigma series of telephoto zooms. They are generally known as Bigma lenses. They give a great range of focal lengths and the quality is pretty good throughout the range. I used the 50mm to 500mm for a good while but their recent 60mm 600mm is getting very good reviews.

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