Storm Surge on the Mersey


It seems as if the worst of the last storm was felt very close to home on the south Wales coast of Porthcawl and the west coast of Aberystwyth, both featuring on the national news. I was away at the time but was aware of the conditions that had been forecast close to my family home a couple of miles from the Mersey estuary in Liverpool.



I went down the the front a couple of hours before high tide and the place was empty save for the coastguards who had already sealed the area off. At the height of the high tide the place was full with everyone intent on experiencing a pretty unique moment. One of the highest tides for a long while coupled with strong winds and a very deep low depression added up to spectacular seas and wave surges.







The idiot here (she was taking photographs) was soon led away by the coastguard; it’s simply not worth going beyond the point of safety as illustrated by the 18 year old photography student from Plymouth who unfortunately is still missing.


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  1. RE the last photo, She later told the Coast guard she was ok as the camera was waterproof !

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