Keeping It Simple

I was at the National Botanic Garden of Wales a couple of weeks ago and as the weather was so poor I was forced in doors, not a bad option as the place has the largest single span glasshouse in the world.

It’s a place that offers so much, particularly on the macro scale and it was a chance to look at the formal elements of composition with the aim of keeping things simple. The images here were all taken with the Canon G10, which gives the freedom to work unencumbered without bags of equipment and on this occasion I decided to forgo a tripod.

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  1. Superb pictures Tim.

  2. Impressive images from the G10. Very artistic – 1, 4 and 5 are sublime. I imagine it was quite tricky to hold focus with such limited DOF without the tripod (?). Does the G10 have selective AF points?

  3. You can select the focus points with the G20 Julian – Here I was on the limit with the light without a tripod and was checking carefully after each image to make sure I was holding both the focus and not getting camera shake.

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