Creating a Set

I have recently been preparing a couple of logs that I had found around the ponds, for feeding. I chiseled out about an inch deep trench in the log at three separate places, so that I could stuff food into the crevices in such a way that they would not be visible when birds landed on them.

The log would them be placed on a couple of stands and positioned in such a way as to create the most favourable background. This ‘set’ can then be moved to facilitate strong clear backgrounds. The top of the  ‘tables’ that hold the post has been drilled with around 40 holes, large enough to thread rope through. Any size or shaped log can then be easily secured onto the ‘table’, which in turn is held into the ground by tent pegs. A small drill hole at the end of each ‘foot’ ensures easy placement of the pegs.  The whole structure is therefore very firm and although it looks a little unsteady will withstand a lot of rough weather and the occasional visit from our local vandal, the grey squirrel. The beauty of a movable structure is that it can also  be positioned to make the best use of the light. Back lit subjects can produce a beautiful rim lighting around the birds that helps lift them off the back ground.

Gaining control of the environment you have already created takes little effort but the rewards can be significant.

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