Bala: A Retrospective – No 1


My work with a farming community in Bala, North Wales started some 28 years ago and over the next year I’m aiming to take the work back to the community to properly archive all the images.

As a result I’ve been re-visiting the work and here is the first a number of posts that open the archives and also make me feel old!!





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  1. Great images Tim! The first is like an ‘Old Master’.

  2. Hello Tim!

    am trying to get back to my earlier interest in photography, and looked you up for possible courses. Delighted to see you are going back to Rhiwlas – the book was super.
    hope all are well


  3. Thanks Rod – The ‘old master’, and it’s been referred to as more like a painting than a photograph, is, I feel, the best image I’ve ever produced. It’s interesting to play a sort of desert island disc of all your photographs and see which come out on top. This was taken some 28 years ago but has since the day I developed the film stayed at the very top of the list. Perhaps I should have retired then!!

  4. So nice to hear from you Peggy (my infant school head!!) and that you are wanting to revise your interest in photography. Unfortunately I wont be running courses in the foreseeable future as I need to get out there and produce some serious work again. Thanks for your comments on the original Rhiwlas book, it was a great project and I’m looking forward to getting there again to update some of the work. It is changing rapidly and I need to make sure all the original images are properly archived. Please keep in touch and I hope through the web site you can get some inspiration to get back into, what is, a wonderful hobby.

  5. These are great – I’d love to know the story about the bottom photograph of the men. They all seem very aware of the camera! So when you say you want to take them back to the community and archive them, what does that involve? And why was the work commissioned in the first place?

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