Abstract Water: Spray


On the recent trip out with Sea Trust it wasn’t just the wildlife that provided some great opportunities for photography.


This series here were taken in the Haven when the Wildcat was at full throttle and producing some serious spray. I’ve always loved following water with the naked eye in such a way that you can ‘hold it’ as if seen in those magical fractions of seconds. You can do it with waterfalls by tracking a drop as it moves from the top to the plunge pool. It was possible here also, and trying to recreate this photographically was great fun. I was using the 300mm on manual focus with a shutter speed of 1/5000th second and an aperture around f11. The final image shows the context from which the rest of the photographs were taken.





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  1. stunning colours! they look like glass sculptures. I’ve booked the big lens out from steve so i’ll try a few on some land locked water.

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