Islay Again and the Geese


Back to Islay and the geese. The aim was to place them in a wider context and I was fortunate that the weather was with me (seems like it’s not been very good since then). The mornings were superb and straight out of the van I was able to work with a perfect backdrop and the geese coming over the waters of Loch Indal. Trying to work them together is not such an easy task, focusing is all against you and the focusing spot had to be continually adjusted.


The question I’ve now got to struggle with is weather the whole series I’ve been working on, from Norfolk up to Islay, should be displayed in colour or black and white? or is there room for both?









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  1. Hi Tim
    Maybe you should post the exact same photos here in a black and white blog for comparison. Personally I would think that some will work better than others in b&w – in some the subtlety of the soft lights and colours will be lost in b7w – in my humble opinion…

    Ace photos, as always… wish I could get back up to Islay again…

  2. Hi Colin

    I’ll convert them to black and white on the next post, thinking at the moment that as a whole the set might well work better in b&w, but I’ll probably have changed my mind by tomorrow! Be interested in your thoughts.


  3. Naa ! Keep to colour , the first five at least, nice subtle colors – I think !

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