Unexpected Visitor


Sometimes you get what you don’t necessarily expect. On New Years Eve, whilst having a cup of tea at my mums, a Wood Mouse leaped from the ivy on to one of the feeders. A moment of wondering whether or not to extract, and it feels like that at times, the camera and 500mm lens from the rucksack, or simply watch and enjoy the spectacle followed. You really know what the outcome of such wonderings will be!


Photographing through a window is never going to work, the refraction of the glass creating out of focus images. A couple of back doors also needed to be opened before I was able to get a clear view of it, so I was fully expecting the normal photographer’s curse; as soon as you are ready your subject, as if having been watching you all the while, takes flight or scuttles away! It was so engrossed in the business of feeding, however, that it didn’t disturb and stayed long enough for me to eventually use the monopod, the initial shots being hand held in case it was the only opportunity that presented itself. It stayed for close on ten minutes before leaping back into the ivy and with a tell tale russell moved through the leaves towards the ground. A bit of a bonus before heading out to the mosses!


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