Fields of Yellow


There are a couple of fields locally that are, at present, absolutely stunning and with the weather as its been lately it was too good an opportunity to let go.


The Daffodils are being grown commercially but this year they are not being harvested for the flowers,  rather for the bulbs. As a result, at the moment, there is the most glorious spectacle of millions of flowers at their very best and the way they have been planted gives the chance of some strong graphical imagery. I worked at both ends of the depth of field scale, sometimes with the aperture fully open giving minimal depth of field and at times with the aperture closed right down gaining full depth of field. A range of lenses were used from 300mm with a 1.4 converter to a 14mm. A tripod was essential for this shoot as I also wanted to work at the lowest ISO the camera is capable of. In a few days they will all turn and with the forecast looking like we are reverting to the last throws of winter again, it will be next year before such a display transforms this part of the world.





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