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Birds Eloquent looks at the visual poetry of birds within the environment and the context within which they are found. It explores the relationship between place and species and also looks at how birds interact with each other within a fragile ecosystem.

The project simply grew from a love of being with birds all my life, watching and recording from an early age and accompanying my brothers on bird outings. All the work is carried out in the British Isles, a country offering so much diversity but under so much pressure.

Never chasing, never collecting species, never year lists or life lists, just a love of watching, anticipating and being in the company of birds. Photographically, I came late to birds, and would rather, at the end of a days shooting, have an eloquent image of a more common species than a record shot of a rarer one. My main focus is exploring how the medium can help convey a sense of place and the extraordinary habits of birds, giving a sense of my own experiences in the field.

As the work continues to develop I find myself pulling back from the bird and working more with how it is experienced in the field. Time waiting for the ‘right moment’ is time not only invested in the image but in my well being and this aspect of ‘slowing down’ is becoming central to the work.

Starling Roost at Ham Wall

A short video of the Starlings coming into roost at Ham Wall on the Somerset levels. Over the next few days I’ll post some of the still images from the two evenings I spent watching this extraordinary wildlife spectacular. It’s in Britain and ranks along side many of the worlds great natural phenomena.

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